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Since 2010, IDEA International Institute has created a branch which focuses on the development of IDEA Solutions. The IDEA Solutions Branch is comprised of IT specialists and management specialists working together to develop innovative and practical products.


IDEA Solutions is a suite of concrete solutions in terms of web-based information systems to support Results-Based Management ( RBM ) processes.

  • Support to management processes may include diagnostics of existing systems, revision of results frameworks, information needs assessments, design of information systems, data quality reviews, etc.
  • Decision support software implemented may include ( i ) diagnostic software ( A4R® ), ( ii ) budgeting software for program budgeting and unit costing ( B4R® ), and ( iii ) monitoring software for integration of existing information systems and articulation of monitoring information at strategic, programmatic, and operational levels ( M4R ).

These state of the art software facilitate data entry, processing, analysis, and provide access of public sector executives and professionals to dashboards, early warning systems, and generation of reports.

The specific solution is tailor-made to the client needs and constraints.

For whom

For high-level officials in the public sector who need up-to-date and accurate information for decision making and accountability.

For managers and professionals in the public sector to better plan, budget, and monitor the implementation of public programs and projects.


  • To conduct a rapid and participatory diagnostic of the implementation of Results-Based Management ( RBM ) pillars.
  • To enable the benchmarking of governments, ministries, and public agencies in terms of RBM implementation.
  • To guide the step-by-step implementation of planning, budgeting, and performance monitoring.
  • To articulate the implementation of RBM at strategic, institution, program / project and operational levels.

Results-Based Management Cycle

The Results-Based Management ( RBM ) cycle includes several phases : ( i ) planning, ( ii ) programming and budgeting, ( iii ) implementation, and ( iv ) monitoring & evaluation with a feedback loop back to the next cycle. One needs also to take into account that the RBM cycle is implemented at several levels : strategic, programmatic and operational. The figure below presents this cycle with phases in columns and levels in lines.

The IDEA Solutions processes and software deal with specific parts of the RBM cycle or with the whole cycle as indicated later.

IDEA Solutions Software

Guides a rapid and participatory diagnostic of the implementation of one or more pillars of RBM

Provides a measurable assessment of the current status of RBM implementation for benchmarking, comparison with similar entities, and assessment of progress over time

Facilitates the identification and prioritization of bottlenecks

Facilitates the elaboration of a medium term action plan and annual work plan for further RBM implementation

Helps monitor the execution of the annual work plan for further RBM implementation


Clarifies the main steps of the budgeting process in articulation with strategic and operational planning.

Guides the rapid and participatory formulation of the different steps of a medium term budgetary ( or fiscal ) framework.

Guides the rapid and participatory formulation of the different steps of a sectoral medium-term expenditure framework and multiannual program-budgets.

Assists in the development of matrices of unit costs of public goods and services.


Facilitates the yearly monitoring of the main result and strategic indicators.

Monitors the implementation of the annual work plan and budget ( AWPB ) and of programs/projects.

Facilitates the articulated monitoring of budget execution, project implementation, and results indicators.

Produces easy-to-interpret dashboards and charts.

Automatically generates a preliminary version of progress and performance reports





Case Studies

Case Study of A4R® Process

SISCA (Regional organization in Central America)

  1. Training workshop in M&E
  2. Adaptation of A4R® diagnostic indicators to local context
  3. Diagnostic of the existing M&E system with the A4R®
  4. Preparation of an action plan to improve Results-based M&E of social programs in Central America application
Case Study of B4R® Process

States of Michoacán and Tabasco

  1. Short training in RBM and B4R®
  2. Diagnostic of the existing budgeting system with the A4R® application
  3. Technical support to revise the PMF and develop the necessary tools for B4R®
  4. Adjust the B4R®
  5. Use the adjusted B4R® application to elaborate a an expenditure framework for 2 pilot sectors
Case Study of M4R® Process

CDEMA (CARICOM regional organization)

  1. Masters Certification in M&E
  2. Diagnostic of the existing M&E system with the A4R® application
  3. Technical support to revise the PMF
  4. Elaborate an Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Policy
  5. Adapt M4R® to become CDM Monitor and implement it

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use IDEA Solutions?

  • IDEA Solutions help a public institution implement concretely and step by step RBM.
  • IDEA Solutions articulate various planning, budgeting, and monitoring levels from strategic level down to operational level.
  • IDEA Solution implementation is modular, so that it can start with a simple pilot system and evolve over time.
  • IDEA Solutions are add-ons to other systems, so there is no need to replace existing systems
  • IDEA Solutions works. It is not a white elephant
  • IDEA Solutions is affordable

Can the IDEA Solutions suite be added to the software I am currently using?

IDEA Solutions are add-ons to other systems, so there is no need to replace existing systems. Interfaces can be built with the majority of existing systems.

Are there different versions of IDEA Solutions?

IDEA Solutions evolve over time to benefit from client experience, evolution of client needs, and technological progress. The client obtains the current version at the time of purchase. The software assurance plan gives easy and affordable access to updates.

Where can a public entity order IDEA Solutions?

IDEA Solutions can be ordered by contacting IDEA International: or (1) 418-266-1223

What is the price for the IDEA Solutions suite?

The price of the IDEA Solutions depends on the scope of the system to be managed, especially the number of programs and sub-programs/budgets, and the number of services provided by institution in the implementation process (e.g. training, technical support, implementation of the application, software assurance plan). The purchase price and installation cost vary according to:
- The complexity of the system to be monitored, which is reflected by the number of planning elements;
- Specialized modules desired beyond the principal module; - Additional support you need in terms of diagnostic, training, and Software Assurance Plan. We will gladly send you a quotation based on your expressed needs.

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